Q25 has evolved from the popular M25 system but can utilise accessories from either the M25 or S50 range which expands the Queue Management Systems’ choice of solutions.

Because the structure originated from mass produced gondola shelving systems, we believe this solution can fit a retailer’s requirement for a flexible, good looking and cost effective queue management system.

Contact CAEM UK for more informations on Q25: we manufacture the modular solution for you.

The Best in Modular Queue Management.

  • Multiple configurations offer high levels of flexibility. Adaptable to every merchandising requirement
  • Boltless Structure Bar or Structure Panel facilitates easy, quick installation
  • Multiple configurations offer increased flexibility from one product platform
  • A mass produced modular system offers a more cost effective overall solution
  • Self supporting upright removes the need for a back panel thereby increasing merchandising area
  • Compatability of Q25 with our M25 shelving system offers full expandability
  • Narrow display shelves increases walkway area without compromising merchandising area
  • Corners designed to offer stability with further merchandising space

Why Q25?

  • Cost effective modular solution
  • Increased flexibility with range of configurations
  • Fully expandable
  • Maximises both walkway and merchandising area
  • Made by Caem!! Confidence, Quality, Service

Please contact CAEM for more informations Queue Management Shelving | Q25:

Q25 queue management shelving

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