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This is a business case from a major Uk retailer requiring wire shelving for their new format of stores. After a successful growth over the past 15 years entirely catered by Caem, the retailer wanted a fresher look by adopting wire shelves. Caem was submitted the requirement, developed in record time a whole new format, completely delivered wire shelving and many bespoke solutions and then was awarded the contract.



wire shelving wire shelving

wire shelving wire shelving

The Wire Shelving

The search of clean lines and neat display resulted in a newly developed solution of wire shelving.

Non-wire solid back panels were adopted to avoid the merchandise  being confused with the one behind the gondola.

A bespoke spec'd and sized wire shelf was developed with the unique feature of the shelves to overhang from the brackets so to deliver previously un-seen clean lines from a merchandising point of view.

Using 6cm wide hinging epos point of sales increased the visibility of products on sale.


Visit the store in #virtual #reality #VR, with #360 feeling of the shopping experience.

Thanks to the combination of Caem's propertary plasticized metal and a special new metallic finish in anthracite to enhance the appears of merchandise, the outcome stands out.

wire shelving wire shelving wire shelving

wire shelving wire shelving

wire shelving wire shelving

The Bulk Display Units for Entrance of store

A new sales-friendly solution was adopted for customers' guidance within the store. A display was products displayed in bulk was developed, extra strong so you can step over it, extra scratch resistant thanks to plasticized steel, and easy to configure thanks to the modular design yet sturdy wire back panels and wire side wings.

wire shelving wire shelving wire shelving wire shelving

wire shelving

The Aisle unit for impulse bay and special offers

Sales can be driven up further on top of promo gondola end units by adopting Aisle units. Caem designed a standalone unit, completely modular for ease of transport, with a plasticized extra durable base shelf and no uprights to avoid reduction of see-through effect. Multiple pricing points make this unit a proven sales success for the retail environment.

wire shelving wire shelving wire shelvingwire shelving

The Towel Display.

The high wire divider's system is completely modular yes delivers the perfect look for such a colourful product range.

wire shelving wire shelving

The Wall Paper display.

CAEM R&D team developed a specific riser, completely modular and integrated with propertary plasticized shelving, to both display marketing information's and strongly and safely hold the wallpaper rolls on display.

wire shelving wire shelving

wire shelving wire shelving

The F&V Display

Using anti-unlocking brackets and a self-locking F&V shelf system, the produce F&V display matches the store format and delivers extreme efficiency during refilling.

wire shelving wire shelving

The Bakery units

To increase the appeal of fresh bakery, Caem designed a wire unit, encapsulated by timber in Ash effect, with built in led lights.

wire shelving

wire shelving

The Roll Cages

Specifically developed for this customer, Caem's roll cages are implemented for strong, flexible yes appaling merchandising. With multiple pricing options and shelf at adjustable heights, they represent the effective solution for bulk offers display, in and outside the store. Thanks to the high loading capacity and high quality built and wheels, the roll cages can be placed in different areas of the store, depending on the time of the year, the type of promotion.

wire shelving

wire shelving wire shelving


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Caem highest quality standard and precise engineering and manufacturing delivered a modular, strong yet quick to assemble wire shelving. The site toke a day and a half to be completed.  See the time lapse video here


wire shelving wire shelving wire shelving wire shelving   wire shelving wire shelving wire shelving  wire shelving

Try a quick 360° view of the checkout counters' area

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