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This Technical Handbook BUY.CAEM explains the M25, TN9, S50 shelving systems we hold in stock for you, and their components, each with its relevant lead time. May your retail shopfitting project require more specific solutions, I shall underline that the CAEM Group manufactures the widest range of shopfitting displays for Food, Pharmacy, DIY and more retail environments. Request your copy of the Technical Handbook BUY.CAEM !

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Caem UK is the only company offering three shelving systems in stock at explained in the Technical Handbook BUY.CAEM that you can check live availability and request on line:
M25, the most innovative in the industry, with both Central and Frontal
Back Panels, Ultralow 10cm high base, Profiles S25C Shelves and unique
accessories like Slim Gondola End and Podiums for Pharmacies.
TN9, our 40mm pitch shopfitting system;
S50, the 50mm compatible shelving;

What to do now…

Contact us to request the 30 colour swatches of the Technical Handbook BUY.CAEM for you to choose from
• Visit our website and familiarise with the online stock at
• Download our technical catalogues, like the full “M25” and “PharmaCAEM”
for Pharmacy Shopfitting

Download PharmaCAEM Brochure

Download full M25 Brochure

We “have” made ordering from Caem a faster more accessible route for our customers. You can now browse our live stock holding allowing you to construct your order on line using our function.
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Caem’s in house manufacturing and powder coating line sets us apart within
our industry.
We understand our customers need for flexibility therefore our buy.caem
option offers a choice of 30 colour finishes with exclusive lead times.

Request your Technical Handbook BUY.CAEM hardcopy and the set of 30 Colours Swatches':

2018 - CAEM UK - BUY.CAEM -rel1

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