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CAEM Uk specializes in converting Retail Design concepts into cost effective Shopfitting solutions. Many of the Uk most successful retailers' rely on CAEM for their ambitious expansion plans when design comes into play.


Founded in 1989 with the aim of servicing the network of UK Shopfitters with a quality shelving system and retail design, CAEM UK quickly developed into a major player in the industry. In 1994 the first automated manufacturing was set up to service the growing customer base. The machines, designed entirely in-house and custom built delivered back panels and shelves in high volume to the smallest tolerance for the highest quality.

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retail designretail design

After few years a state of the art powder coating plant was installed, to improve the service provided to the market with retail design, adding the choice of any finish to an already extensive range of options in terms of models and sizes. After operating from one, then two, then three main units, further contracts were awarded to CAEM UK and the business was relocated to a 77,000 sq ft unit, currently being upgraded with the addition of an automated Warehouse Management System.

Our approach with the customer starts from discovering their typical operations on site, the shopping experience trends of its customers and the future targets from the management. The result is often a co-designed solution that blends together customer needs, manufacturing efficiency and budget control.


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retail design
Design. Is about converting hand sketched ideas into a 3D sheet metal concept.
Prototyping. Aiming at submitting a live sample to the customer to test hands on functionality, with retail design led approach.

retail design retail design

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You have an architects' brief you want to put into place cost effectively, into #shopfitting?

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retail design  retail design
Manufacturing. CAEM’s expertise delivers efficiency in every aspect of the process. With our comprehensive range that includes the fully flexible TN9 system, S50 our high quality 50mm compatible system and the new M25 and M25 wire systems which incorporate our unique central back panel, offering retailers additional merchandising space, enhanced by our Design Department and Retail Services, CAEM UK is projecting strong growth.

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Thanks to our global presence and many years in business, we are able to maximize our expertise from different retail sectors. This generates real value for our retailers, as they can tap onto our cross-sector knowledge, design approach, manufacturing knowledge. Utilising our strengths of mass produced structural gondola components combined with the most flexible and state of the art sheet metal fabrication , CAEM’s R&D Department have increased its product database by an astonishing 60,000SKU extra variants in the last 5 years to deliver the retail design growing customers want.

In need of a new display? You have an architects' brief you want to put into place cost effectively, into #shopfitting?

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retail design retail design


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